Nickey Huntsman BIO

Nickey Huntsman

Nickey Huntsman is one of the prettiest women in porn, period. This sensuous woman has wide blue eyes that are like two windows on the summer sky. She made her first steps in the porn industry way back in 2013 and was utterly captivating ever since the first second. Her dark, straight hair is neck-length and is worn in an unrestricted style. She has a thin build – 117 lbs (32C-27-34). Her skin is pale and she’s 5 ft 4 in tall. Usually, her wardrobe is very revealing, but never outrageous. Recently, Huntsman took it to social media to reveal her dirty little secret: she refuses to do scenes with people that she finds unattractive. That statement is sure to rub people the wrong way! Curiously enough, the same thing happened when Huntsman decided to show her support for one of the most polarizing people in the world, Donald Trump. Some conspiracy loons claim that Huntsman was “blacklisted” after that, but it seems that her career was starting to slow down naturally anyway. That being said, Huntsman is still actively participating in various adult productions. She’s also putting out home movies on a frequent basis.

One thing that separates Huntsman from many other pornstars is the fact that she doesn’t want ANY career outside of pornography, so you better get used to seeing that pretty face of hers for a long, long time. Also worth noting: Huntsman’s repertoire is very diverse and she doesn’t shy away from doing the freakiest things in front of the camera, including gape, choking, spankings, etc.